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  • northshorebrushfencing@gmail.com

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BBQ Blow Out

Too much heat, excitement and questionable BBQing; ended up with a ruined brush fence directly behind the BBQ.


Luckily, there is no need to panic as a ruined brush fence is easy to fix.


Brush Fencing is extremely versatile; allowing us to rebuild in small segments, repair roll caps or whole parts of the fence, without having to redo the entire fence. Ultimately this means that brush fence repairs are less expensive and quicker to complete.


This customer found their BBQing experience got a little out of hand. They were worried that the BBQ Blow out meant the end of their fence and that they would need to replace it.


Brush Fence Repair – Before

Luckily, before looking at a new fence, called North Shore Brush Fencing. Brush Fence Repairs are our specialty and we were able to repair the small part of the ruined brush fence without having to modify the rest of the fence.


The repairs were quick, easy and are an example of how nifty brush fences are in offering a long term, low maintenance fencing option.


North Shore Brush Fencing have been undertaking brush fencing repairs for over 30 years. We would be happy to help you restore your brush fence to its natural, elegant beauty. Contact us for an obligation free quote.




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