Brushwood fences are an ideal solution for Strata with their long lasting, low maintenance and eco-friendly properties.

They will conform easily to most sites and can be made on slopping land, in curves, around obstacles and to different height requirements ensuring that your property looks great at all times.

With high sound absorption qualities, brushwood fences help to reduce traffic and general neighbourhood noise. They are great for windy locations as they act as a wind breaker yet have enough give not to be blown over and can also be easily repaired from graffiti or paint damage.

Safe for use around BBQ’s and approved for pool areas their natural look and neutral colour helps them blend into the landscaping and helps you enhance the appearance and functionality of the property.

Periodical maintenance of brushwood fencing is recommended every 5-8 years to keep it looking its best and to protect it from degradation.

North Shore Brush Fencing can help you bring your properties back to their original beauty quickly and cost effectively. Find out more about our restoration and brushwood fencing repairs.

Following years of experience working with Strata, North Shore Brush Fencing understands your requirements for an efficient, professional, quality service you can rely on. We believe that when undertaking a job for strata, our work quality is extremely important as it represents both your company and ours and is essential in the continuation of a mutually beneficial relationship between North Shore Brush Fence and our strata partners.

We are so confident in our work that we offer a 5 year guarantee on the work that we undertake! Expect more with North Shore Brush Fencing!

Call 0410 695 956 or email  today to understand our special strata rates.

North Shore Brush Fencing will supply all materials and remove all rubbish on completion of the job.

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