Our brush fences are made from the best quality brush to ensure the longevity of your fence.

The team at North Shore Brush Fencing have been servicing the North Shore, Northern Beaches and the Hills area of Sydney for over 20 years.

Experienced and knowledgeable you can rely on us to handle your brush and garden fencing needs. Our team will take the time to understand your requirements and ensure that you get the best results every time.

Services provided by North Shore Brush Fencing:

We pride ourselves in the prompt, professional manner in which we conduct our work and we are so confident in the quality of our work that we offer a written guarantee, covering our work for 5 years! You can expect more with us!


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Combine Style and Functionality with Brushwood Fencing Panels

Brushwood fencing panels are an eco-friendly, efficient method of partitioning your property. In terms of aesthetics, brushwood offers a natural appearance that adapts to any type of setting. At North Shore Brush Fencing, we offer both panels and hand thatching to suit your property’s requirements.

Benefits of Brushwood Panels

Brushwood is indigenous to Southern Australia and as such is beneficial to the local communities. It creates job opportunities and promotes the economy. Moreover, installing it on your property has several benefits for you.

  • The primary reasons for fencing are privacy and keeping the noise out. Due to its manufacturing process and the fact that it consists of packed layers of natural materials, brushwood fencing can absorb sound. Instead of reflecting sound like a harder surface fence would, the brushwood traps noise which means it keeps the outside sounds from interfering with your home and vice versa.
  • There is a common misconception regarding the longevity of brushwood. When it’s installed by a professional, you could easily get two to three decades out of brushwood fencing. Other materials such as metal tend to last for about 20 years at a maximum. Opting for brushwood provides you with a little more cover in terms of fencing.
  • Amongst some of the annoying factors around a property is the presence of insects. White ants, spiders, and other creatures are repelled by brushwood as it contains natural oils that they’re not comfortable with thus eliminating the need for pest controllers and harsh chemicals. You’ll end up saving time and money and protecting the environment without the need for toxic pesticides.

What To Expect from North Shore Brush Fencing Regarding a Panel Fence in Sydney

Every home requires fencing to maintain a level of privacy and to create a physical perimeter around the property. We are advocates of brushwood fencing because of its natural appearance and long-lasting capabilities.

  • Installing a fence is a crucial step for your property, and you always want to trust the installer. Quality service and installations are our core values, and to demonstrate our confidence in our work, we offer a written guarantee, covering our work for five years.
  • Brushwood panel fencing does have the ability to last a long time; however, it does require minimal maintenance occasionally. Hence, we offer our services and recommend you conduct the upkeep every five to eight years. We’ll apply new brush roll capping and if it’s insufficient, will rebuild the fence.
  • In terms of repairing your brushwood fence, we’ll add new brush on both sides. As a result, the fence will be restored to its original height, and its appearance refreshed. We use full bundles of the brush instead of off-cuts maintaining the longevity of your enclosure.

About North Shore Brush Fencing

With over 30 years of experience in brush fencing, you can be confident you’re dealing with a professional company. We are skilled to handle installations, repairs and maintenance of brush fencing. Whatever your location in Sydney, we’ll visit you for an inspection and measurements to provide a quotation on your brush fencing.

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