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Rejuvenate your fence with Brush Roll Capping Maintenance

Brush Roll Capping After Repair

Not only will brush roll maintenance extend the life of your fence, it will enhance your property, restoring beauty to your natural fence.

Brush Roll Capping is a simple maintenance task that we recommend to be undertaken every 5 years. By maintaining your fence, you can keep it looking great and fully functional for a fraction of the cost of replacing it.

If your brush fence is sagging and falling off the top bar, there is no need to replace it. Brush fencing is extremely versatile and with a roll capping service; we can thicken the fence and rebuild the roll cap. Many houses that think their brush fence is beyond repair, would be surprised at how a new brush roll cap service can recondition their existing fence.

Roll Cap maintenance is both better for the environment and your pocket, with the repair cost minimal to replacing.

Repairing the roll cap will protect your fence from possums and birds attacking it. The new roll capping will also protect your fence against moisture rot and therefore will extend the overall life of your total brush fence.

See how Your Brushwood Panel Fence could look after 5 years.

If you have a brush fence that could do with a new roll cap, email us or call 0410 695 956 for an obligation free quote. North Shore Brush Fencing can help you, bring your fence back to life.

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