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Types of Brush Wood Fences


Often, we are asked about Panel Brush Wood Fences and why you would have them over traditional hand thatched brush fences.

North Shore Brush Fencing offer both panel brush fencing and hand thatched brush fence services and believe both have benefits and factors around each individual job that should be considered to determine which type of Brush Fencing is best for your property.

Benefits of Panel Brush Wood Fences

Brush Wood Panel Fence

Benefits of Hand Thatched Brush Wood Fences

  • Hand thatching enables us to manoeuvre the fencing around obstacles and uneven or sloping landscapes.
  • Hand thatching brush wood fencing enables you to have a unique design and varying height levels.
  • The ability to tailor the fence height as required. This is ideal around pool areas to achieve a pool compliant fence.
Hand Thatched Fence in Hunter Valley

Having a company with experience at both Panel Brush Wood Fencing along with Hand Thatched brush wood ensures that regardless of your job you will receive the advice specific to your needs and not limited by their ability.

North Shore Brush Fencing can utilise a combination of panels and hand thatching to ensure that your fence is exactly what you need and within your budget.

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