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Reduce traffic noise with a Brush Fence


Reduce traffic noise levels a with noise reduction fence (acoustic fence) to create a sound barrier.

As our population continues to expand in Australia, we are noticing that many homes are suffering from increased noise levels.  While many of us want to be able to relax and enjoy our home environment, irritating noise coming from busy roads or increased neighbours can diminish the serenity.

Brush Fencing offers an aesthetically appealing fencing alternative that has good noise reduction properties.

Brush Fences are densely compacted; which helps to serve as a good barrier to reduce the noise. The Brush Fence will both reflect some of the sound backwards and will also absorb some of the sounds. While the brush fence will reduce traffic noise, a certain (but definitely reduced) amount of noise will still come through.

When looking to utilise a fence to reduce traffic noise, both height, density and full coverage of the fence is important. Brush fencing is ideal, as it can be tailored to suit your needs. It can be heightened, and moulded around your landscape to ensure you get the best coverage and to limit the gaps in which noise can filter through. We can also improve the density of the brush so that the sound barrier is more effective.

Contact Tony on 0410 695 956 to discuss your noise reduction fence and to see what a brush fence could offer your property.

Tip: You can further improve the noise reduction quality of your brush fence by planting a hedge in your garden to further absorb the sound.

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