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Privacy Handrail fence in Bilgola

To complete their deck, our client was looking for a handrail fence that offered privacy while complimenting the leafy view.


With the deck located on the first story, a handrail fence was required for safety purposes. As such, the client was looking for a fencing option that was sturdy, safe and importantly; would provide them a good level of privacy.


The client considered creating the handrail fence from a hard timber or a slatted prefabricated fence option in addition to considering the brushwood option.

Ultimately, they believed the brushwood privacy handrail fence offered the best privacy and was the most cost effective for this job, so their decision was made.



As brush fencing is malleable, it was easy to follow the curves of the house. This gave the fence a cleaner, neater look while ensuring maximum space utilisation for the deck. The soft brown tones in the brush complimented the wooden decking and were a natural pairing with the trees in the background. In addition to this, the bottom timber bead smoothly integrated the wooden floorboards with the brushwood fence.

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Our quality workmanship combined with the natural beauty of brush, will enhance your property. Brush fencing comes in varying configurations to suit multiple budgets.


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