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High Fence in Balgowlah

Following large storms in Sydney, this customer in Balgowlah had their massive bougainvillea come down, exposing the neighbour’s yard.


Unhappy with their new outlook, and without being able to replace the large established bougainvillea, the customer was looking for a high fence to conceal the view.

Ugly view needs high fence

View without Bougainvillea

Brush fencing is versatile and can be made as high as our customers require. Thatched fencing is done by hand and can therefore be modified to suit most requirements. After consulting with the owners and offering them this option as well as the option for a modified brush panel fence, they chose the brush panel fence with treated pine sleepers. The treated pine sleepers are ideal to gain an initial height and then we can place the brush panels on top of them.


While a less expensive option to thatched fencing, an additional benefit is that the brush panel fences are quick to put up and we were able to complete this fencing within one day. Minimising any disturbance to either neighbour.


Brush panel fencing is highly durable, will help reduce outside noise and is great at keeping pets contained.

If you need some privacy screening, a high fence or simply an aesthetically pleasing fence; contact Tony on 0410 695 956 for an obligation free quote.

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