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Fence Repair in Hunters Hill

Owners of dilapidated brush fences in need of repair; can rest assured, as brush fencing repairs are easy and generally less expensive than a replacement fence.


This client was in need of a repair to their existing brush fence in Hunters Hill.


Brush Fence before Repair

Regardless of the age of the original fence, brush fence repairs can enhance the outlook, improve the health and increase the longevity of your fence while keeping the natural beauty these fences bring to your property.


To repair the brush fence, we add new brush which strengthens the existing brush. This combined with a new brush roll cap on top will have the fence looking pristine. The repairs give the fence a new lifespan while giving the property a stylish boost.

The client was very happy with the cost of the brush fence repair, as it meant they were able to keep the soft brush fence look in the garden rather than having to get a timber or Colorbond fence. It also gave them peace of mind as North Shore Brush Fencing offer a 5-year guarantee on all their brush fences.


If you have a run-down brush fence, contact North Shore Brush Fencing for a quote on getting your fence repaired rather than having to install a new one.

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