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  • northshorebrushfencing@gmail.com

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Choose Brush Fence Repair over replacing the fence

Over time, all fences will deteriorate and will need to be repaired or replaced. The fencing material used will regulate which options you have.


This customer needed to repair their brush fence.


A number of people had advised the customer to replace the old fence with a new one. Unfortunately replacing the fence was simply not in their budget.


North Shore Brush Fencing was pleased to help this customer by recommending to fix it rather than replace the existing fence.


Brush fences are great long-term fences. Requiring only minimal maintenance every 5-10 years to keep them looking at their best. Don’t fret if this hasn’t happened and the fence has been left to ruin. Luckily in most cases; brush fence repair is still possible.

The best part of a repair is that the cost is only around 1/3 of replacing the fence entirely.


Using quality brush and expert tradesmen, North Shore Brush Fencing are able to rejuvenate tired and weary fences to have them looking their best again.

If you have a brushfence looking worse for wear, contact us to see if we can repair your fence, rather than having to replace it altogether.

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