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Brushwood Fence Repair in Cremorne

Fences over privacy, security and can also enhance the look of your home. Depending on slopes throughout your property, some homes find themselves in need of tall perimeter fences.


Generally, most fences sit at 1.8m tall, however, this client needed their fence to be over 4metres tall in certain areas. Due to the unusual height requirements, they struggled to find a fencer until they consulted with North Shore Brush Fencing.


Brushwood fences are unique in their ability to be tailored to best suit your land and requirements.

Hand thatched brushwood can be moulded and crafted to work around your land requirements, such as slopes, trees and in this case; to raise the brush fencing to achieve the sought after height. Our expert brushwood thatcher, was easily able to raise the fence to the desired heights while ensuring the fencing flowed and looked natural.


To grasp how tall the fencing ended up, look at the photo below. You can see the standard door size where the brushwood gate is and from there on, the brushwood fencing continues to rise until it hits 14feet (4metres).


The challenge of working with such a tall fence was enjoyed by North Shore Brush Fencing. Knowing they can craft the brushwood to meet customer requirements provides a satisfaction for Tony. Tony’s passion lies in building brushwood fences that are reliable, long lasting and ultimately are an asset to your property.


These clients were happy with their brushwood fence repair and grateful that they did not need to go through the expense of building a whole new fence.


Brushwood Fence Repairs are one of the most popular services that North Shore Brush Fencing undertake. Call Tony for an obligation free quote for your fence.

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