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Brush Panel Fence to enhance stunning backyard outlook.

When your property backs onto the beautiful Pymble Golf Course, you want a brush panel fence; enabling you to take advantage of the beautiful view while maintaining your boundaries and privacy.


Our client’s property backed onto the golf course and they loved the picturesque backdrop it provided.  To preserve this, they wanted a fence that added to the beauty while enabling them to maintain their view of the golf course.


We recommended a fence made from brush panels. Not only will the natural, pleasing look of brush wood fence fit perfectly with their vision; the panels can be easily modified to fit the property needs.


To create an ideal solution, we cut the Brush panels down to 1500mm and then stepped the fence down to maximise the scenery.


The Brush Panel Fence offers so many advantages for this client. They were easy to modify and assemble, fulfilling the brief while providing excellent coverage throughout the garden. The thickness of the brush will ensure that stray golf balls do not damage the fence or property, while the height can also be modified near the pool fencing to ensure pool compliant standards are met.

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Our experienced workers are skilled at creating fences; both hand thatched and brush panel. This knowledge and ability enables us to recommend the fence ideal for your vision, property and budget.


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